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“The desert tells a different story every time one ventures on it.” - Robert Edison Fulton JR

There really is nothing quite like an outdoor wedding in Joshua Tree National Park. With majestic views, warm weather, and natural scenery, it is easy to see why so many brides and grooms are choosing to tie the knot in Joshua Tree. What makes our small collective of artists the best wedding photographers in Joshua Tree is our knowledge of the landscape, expertise with natural light, and of course candid approach to capturing couples in authentic, non-staged moments. Our goal is to provide you creative, emotion-filled wedding photos in Joshua Tree that will bring a smile upon your face for decades to come. For those seeking a intimate destination wedding and low-key vibe that is more personal, an elopement in Joshua Tree can be the perfect solution! One of the best things about Joshua Tree elopements is that not only can you say ‘I do” in a peaceful location away from all distractions, but you also do not have to worry about a wedding timeline. Instead of trying to squeeze portraits inside a quickly moving cocktail hour, spend as much time as you want exploring all the nooks of the beautiful National Park.

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About My Shooting Style

I describe my style as great light in the great outdoors, where real meets adventure and natural meets minimal. And I do this in any setting—from big moments to intimate interactions, regardless of decor or architecture; from brilliant desert expanses to open fields; from the foot of towering peaks to a meaningful town or city scene. I capture all those dance floor moments, too: Your best girlfriends busting moves to those bad tunes from high school; grandparents tearing up during your first dance; bear hugs and their accompanying wide smiles and squinty eyes. Those are the images important to me. That’s what is real, memorable, meaningful. That’s the reason for your event: Your love, the people you love, and the people who always have and always will love you. That’s what I capture.

I’m Ryan Horban, a detail-oriented minimalist and wedding photographer for Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, and the surrounding area. On your wedding day I’ll often be in the background, waiting and quietly watching for those small, treasured moments. 

Because while a wedding photographer, I especially see myself as a storyteller—and I want your photos to tell your story, every photo naturally capturing the small moments of your wedding day. I take photographs raw with emotion, piecing them together to make a narrative representative of your wedding day.

So given my twin loves of nature and photography, it’s only natural that Joshua Tree is a favorite setting for wedding photography. The combination of cacti and rolling mountains, windmills, rocks, the play of sun and clouds—everything about Joshua Tree makes it a fantastic location for capturing dreamy images of a couple in love.

Whether you’re visiting Joshua Tree for the first time or make regular trips for adventure sessions or to partake of a Joshua Tree sunrise, Joshua Tree wedding photography is my passion. I can help you find the wedding planner for your wedding planning (or connect you with other wedding vendors in the area), shoot Joshua Tree engagements (whether one shoot or several engagement photos sessions) or help you have the most adventurous wedding as you elope in Joshua Tree. Joshua Tree is the perfect setting for an adventure elopement experience. Elopement planning can be super simple, and I’d love to be your Joshua Tree elopement photographer.

Joshua Tree Wedding Photographer